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  • FAME exists as an opportunity for young string players to play and enjoy music in a supportive group atmosphere. It is an opportunity provided by highly qualified and caring professionals for young people who are equally caring of one another and dedicated to their art of string playing.

  • FAME exists for the enjoyment of excellence by it's members and their families. If it be for the "gifted and talented" in any sense, it is only that your gift is your cheerful spirit, and your talent is honest hard work. FAME is not about "superiority" or "bragging rights." It’s all about being the best you can be and growing together through fine music.

  • FAME is based on the promise that by joining the orchestra, each member pledges to all the others the best that they can individually bring. It is understood that practice is a must, and is done at home each week. Rehearsals blend and refine what was done in practice and at home. Concerts then celebrate our achievement and share our gifts with the community.